Airtel 4G Launched in Kenya

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Airtel Kenya has rolled out their 4G Network in the country. The service has been under pilot test since January and some parts of the City have been experiencing it. I first used Airtel 4G back in March.


According to the source, Airtel uses LTE 800 MHz frequency which is believed to be most powerful. This is after Jamii telecom (Faiba) rolled their 4G network on 700 MHz Frequency. Therefore you may be required to have a device that supports LTE B20 (800 MHz) to Enjoy this service.

The launch comes with a delightful double data offer to all customers who have a 4G handset and 4G SIM card subscribing to the amazing monthly bundle. In addition to that any Airtel customer who upgrades his SIM to 4G will get a 2GB bonus free. Customers can do self-upgrade of their SIM to 4G by dialing *100# and selecting the upgrade menu. Customers can get a 4G SIM free of charge from any Airtel shop.

The Airtel 4G will initially be available in Nairobi and Mombasa followed by extended investment and roll out to other towns and cities as part of the on-going plan quality of service improvement plan. Besides the 4G, Airtel continuously is upgrading its 2G and 3G networks for better customer experience.

“Airtel is committed to continuously innovate and improve the quality of its products and services for a delightful customer experience. We believe we have launched our 4G service at the most opportune time especially now that many customers have access to more 4G enabled handsets and devices, “said Prasanta Das Sarma, Managing Director Airtel Kenya in a Statement.

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The newly launched Airtel 4G network is among the fastest developing systems in the history of mobile telecommunications. Its advantages are already impacting service delivery in various businesses and industries from health care to automobile industries among others.


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