Best Home internet Providers in Kenya

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Kenya is one of the countries with the highest internet penetration in Africa. Thanks to the government and the Internet providers in Kenya who are working to give us the best service.

We not only give an analysis of the most affordable internet providers in Nairobi but also fast reliable that gives value for money and locations. 

With the ever increasing internet demand in Kenya, different providers have come up with various approach to quench this need. Some targets different market segments based on location as well as social class. With the work from home model, Home internet, popularly known as home wifi is on higher demand than ever before. Hence the rise of cheap home wifi providers in Kenya.

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What to Consider when Choosing Home Internet in Kenya

Cost:– we are African and when it comes to purchasing, cost comes first. Based on your location, cost will depend of the distance from the base station, technology used for connection as well as the bandwidth (speed) you want. With most of internet providers in Kenya, free installation is provided in residential plots with many tenants.

Technology Used: – Based on your location, various technologies will be used. A fibre cable connection, WiMax, LTE Technology, satellite technology will be chosen.  Most of Nairobi residents have fibre cable connections. In this areas the internet is much affordable. In Places like CBD, Nairobi East lands, Kiambu, Kitengela and Rongai are some of the places with affordable fibre connection in Nairobi. Wimax is used in most remote places but at extra cost. LTE (4G) technology in Kenya is well developed and can be installed in virtually almost all towns in Kenya.  

Safaricom Introduces LTE Home and business Internet

List of Home Wi-fi providers in Kenya

  • Safaricom Home fibre
  • Zuku Home Fibre
  • JTL Home Fibre
  • Liquid Telecom Home Fibre
  • Poa Internet
  • Tandaa Home Internet
  • Frintier Optical Internet

Top Home Internet Service providers in Nairobi

Safaricom Home Fibre

Safaricom is one of the best home internet providers in Nairobi . Safaricom is not only reliable but also fast and convenient thanks to their good coverage. With the Safaricom app on your phone, you can manage your bills and reconnection very conveniently. Safaricom coverage in all Nairobi estates, Kiambu and the surrounding is good. Safaricom home fibre offer free internet connection and Monthly charges as follows:-

Safaricom Home fibre Packages in 2022

Bronze – 8mbps          Ksh. 2999

Silver – 20Mbps               Ksh. 4100

Gold    – 40Mbps         Ksh. 6299

Diamond –100Mbps       Ksh. 12499

Safaricom LTE Internet in Kenya

Safaricom LTE internet is the internet that can work in virtually any town in Kenya. If you want internet connection in the villages, Safaricom 4G(LTE) is the way to go. You buy a Safaricom LTE Router at a cost of Ksh. 10,000, and a constant monthly charges.

Safaricom LTE Prices

Package           Data Volume   Speed              Price

Bronze             90GB               5Mbps             Ksh. 2,999

Silver               120GB             5Mbps             Ksh. 4,100

Gold                200GB             5Mbps             Ksh. 2,299

Diamond         400GB             5Mbps             Ksh. 12,499

Zuku Fibre

Zuku has the second largest coverage of home fibre in Kenya. Zuku home fibre internet packages are:-

 10Mbps —     Ksh.2799

20Mbps   —     Ksh. 4199

60Mbps           Ksh. 5999

Jamii Telecom – JTL (Faiba) Home internet

JTL popularly known as faiba internet is one of the most stable internet provider in Kenya.

JTL Faiba Home internet Packages and Prices

JTL Faiba Home Internet Prices

30Mbps — —  Ksh. 5,250

50Mbps —–  Ksh. 10,500

75Mbps —- –Ksh. 15,750

125Mbps — — Ksh. 21,000

Liquid Telecom Internet in Kenya

Liquid Telecom provide one of the most affordable internet service in Kenya. They not only provide home fibre internet in Nairobi but also Wimax internet in remote places in Kenya and also Satellite internet in most remote parts of this country.

Liquid Telecom Home fibre

The home fibre is available in Nairobi and other urban areas.

Liquid telecom home fire prices

5Mbps —-  Ksh. 2,499

10Mbps — Ksh. 3,499

25Mbps — Ksh. 5,199

50Mbps —-Ksh. 6,839

100Mbps — –Ksh. 11,999

Liquid Telecom WiMAX Internet Prices in Kenya

Liquid telecom wimax connection can be done in any home in Nairobi and any other town. Regardless of where your home is, there always a way for the wimax internet connection.


5Mbps — — Ksh. 2,499

10Mbps —  Ksh. 3,499

Poa Internet

Poa internet is one of the ost affordable yet accessible internet in Kenya. With Just Ksh. 1,500 you can get up to 4Mbps per month. It is common in all estates in Nairobi and works better in informal settlements where fibre cables cannot work. You pay an installation fee of KSh.3500 and you are well to go.

Tandaa Internet

Tandaa Internet is another new affordable internet service in Nairobi. With their headquaters in Kilifi Kenya, tandaa supplies their fibre internet not only in coast but also the capital. It is common in areas of Mombasa Road. Tandaa is on of internet in Kikuyu, Kinoo and Waiyaki way.

Tandaa Internet price can be as low as Ksh. 1500 for 3Mbps

Frontier Optical Network

Frontier Optical Internet is another reliable internet connection in Nairobi. With their good coverage in Nairobi CBD, Kilimani, Westalands, Eastleigh , Mombasa Road, Kikuyu and Kiambu, Frontier is one of the best internet in Nairobi today.

Frontier Internet Prices

10Mbps —- — Ksh. 3,445

20Mbps ——-Ksh. 4,599

40Mbps — — Ksh. 10,349

With all this internet service providers in Kenya, a few of them stand out in terms of reliability and pricing.

Safaricom internet is very reliable at it price of Ksh.2999 for 8Mbps.

Cheap home Wi fi near Me

There is always that cheap home wifi near most estates in Nairobi. Poa internet is one of this Cheap Home internet in every Nairobi estate.



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