Google launches Job search engine in Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria

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google job search kenya

Google launches Job search engine in Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria. Yes, Global tech giant Google is now on Job seekers, with its new Google Career. Job seekers can now find employment opportunities from this facility. Google has provided a streamlined experience that allows job seekers to explore research and find relevant local postings.

The essence of getting jobs is something that is critical across Africans,” said Charles Murito  Google Kenya country manager.

The new product will allow users in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria to view at-a-glance details about a job posting, such as the title, location, whether it is full-time, part-time or an internship, as well as detailed information should a job be of interest.

In Kenya South Africa and Nigeria, just like any other African country, finding employment is one of the most sought for. And search an initiative by Google will serve a big boost.

For the first time, when someone uses their phone or computer to search on Google for a job; they will see a streamlined experience letting them explore, research and find relevant local job postings.

Google disclosed that the Digital Skills for Africa programme, which was Google’s commitment to train one million African youth between April 2016 and March 2017, was achieved and surpassed, adding that the programme in July 2017 was extended to see 10 million youth trained by 2022 as well as 100 000 developers trained across the region. She stated that these are all in a bid to get the youth employed.

Using Google Maps integration, job seekers can search for jobs any place they can find on the map, and if they are signed in, they can even see how long it will take to commute to the job from home.

In Kenya, Google has partnered with Brighter Monday and Fuzu to aggregate job listings from these platforms. Google also reached out to other job listing platforms to integrate with Google to make these platforms eligible to display in the new jobs Search experience.

This new job Search experience is part of our broader commitment to improve economic opportunities for job seekers and employers through Google technologies in partnership with the broader employment industry. Google is committed to providing useful, accurate and relevant information based on your search queries and helping you connect to your next job. In this way we hope to make a contribution towards matching job seekers with jobs, thereby taking steps to tackle the skills gap,” Mr Murito said

How to access the Google Job

It is quite simple, from your Google web search or a mobile app and searches for “Jobs in Kenya”.

image of google career search in kenya

From the card, one can customize the search results by filtering them according to the category of job you’re looking for, Title of the job, Location, Date posted and even select the company whose job listings you want to see.




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