Health Insurance Covers in Kenya

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Top Health Insurance in Kenya

Health insurance cover in Kenya plays a vital role in our daily  living. Choosing a plan that suits you is equally a task. Just like many other insurance, there are many players in the market hence due diligence is required. We all become sick at some point in our lives leaving you physically, emotionally and financially drained. Hence it might force one to sell assets or call a fundraiser to raise money that is needed.This is where health insurance in Kenya comes in. In case of emergency or one get sick, health insurance cover in Kenya plays a vital role.

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When it comes to health insurance innovation Kenya is one of the leading countries in Africa. Various health coverage companies have created competition environment.  Making consumer spoilt for choice of the very affordable and convenient health coverage plans. This helps cover expenses in any medical emergency whether it’s a family or individual.

NHIF Health Insurance cover in Kenya

NHIF is the most popular health insurance cover in Kenya. Actually it is mandatory for every employee in Kenya to have an NHIF Cover. NHIF is the most affordable and recommended insurance cover for low income earners. Since NHIF is government sponsored, it is accessible to almost every part of the country.

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Whether you got into a job or have been employed for a while its necessary to have an NHIF card with up to date information. For those who are unemployed its advisable to get one too since its easy to keep up the payments.

Why Choose NHIF in Kenya

  • It is affordable
  • Accessibility in most parts of the county.


Since its a government sponsored, no special treatment

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UAP Health Insurance in Kenya

UAP medical Insurance - digitrends Africa

UAP insurance is not just a regular insurance health cover. This is because you will have an option to choose from a plan that best suits your needs.Some of plans offered by UAP Insurance  are:

  • Afya imara junior which covers children below 19yrs.
  • Then there is the Afya imara seniors it covers between 66 to 80 years.
  • Afya Imara County
  • Afya Imara Executive that has a global coverage

The UAP insurance covers for all age groups.

UAP is one of the affordable insurance cover among the retail consumers.

Madison Health Insurance in Kenya

Madison Insurance is one of the best sought out insurance cover in Kenya. This is because it covers a wide age gap between 3-70 yrs of age. It is of great help to both the inpatients and out patients. The payment policy is flexible, as in cases of accident one does have to wait as the surgery takes 90days which is a lesser time compared to other insurance funds.

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APA Health Insurance in Kenya

The APA insurance have an affordable and comprehensive health insurance plan which is called jamii plus and Afya nafuu.The insurance is beneficial to many as it offers a wide coverage. This involves cancer treatment, organ transplant and many more. The jamii plus and Afya nafuu has other benefits such as outpatient cover, maternity cover and personal benefit accident cover.

Britam Health Insurance in Kenya

Britam health insurance has a medical insurance called mediflex which covers both inpatient and out patient. It exceeds personal insurance as it offers services to NGO’s, any registered chamas with over 10 members. This is a great help to low income earners as the are able to access to insurance services as a group.

Heritage Health Insurance in Kenya

Heritage insurance is ranked as one of the top insurance companies in kenya as it offers diverse plans as they enable you to choose from personal or family cover. some of the plans they offer include:

  1. Heritage flexi: which covers family or individual with residency in kenya.
  2. Blue: Its tailored to suit health benefits to employers in kenya and african at large.
  3. Blue classic: covers a vast east Africa region i.e Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania.
  4. Blue elite: This plan covers the entire world and suitable for international business persons.


How to choose the best Health Insurance cover in Kenya

Choosing the best insurance company in Kenya maybe a hurdle, this doesn’t mean you should opt out of the services. Here is a quick list I came up with that will ensure you go for the best option.

  1. Decide which type of health plan is best for you and your family.
  2. Eliminate cover plans that exclude your doctors in the health provider network.
  3. Determine whether you need more health coverage and higher premiums or if you choose lower premiums and higher out of pocket costs.
  4. Go to your geographical market place and view your health plan options side by side.
  5. Ensure that any plan you choose will pay your routine and necessary care like your prescriptions and specialists.

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