Honda Vezel Specs, Fuel Consumption and price for your Ultimate compact Crossover

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The Honda Vezel is a subcompact crossover SUV that is produced by Japanese Honda since 2013. Known as the Honda HR-V in some markets, Honda XR-V or the Honda X-NV. The Honda Vezel in Kenya gained popularity due to its versatility, practicality, and efficient use of space while giving good fuel economy. The Honda Vezel comes with Hybrid and Non-Hybrid configuration. Honda Vezel fuel consumption stands out among it peers. The Vezel/HR-V is part of Honda’s lineup of compact SUVs and has gained popularity for its versatility and compact size.

Honda Vezel Design

The Vezel has a sleek and sporty exterior design. It typically features a modern front grille, sharp LED headlights, and stylish body lines that give it a contemporary and attractive look. The raised driving position provides a good view of the road.

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Honda Vezel Interior

The interior of the Vezel is known for its spaciousness, flexibility, and quality materials. It often comes equipped with the “Magic Seat” system, which allows you to configure the rear seats in multiple ways to optimize cargo space. The interior layout is practical, with well-placed controls and comfortable seats.

Honda Vezel Size

The Honda Vezel size measure a length 169.1 inch, a width of 69.7 Inch and a height of 63.2Inch. This is slightly bigger than Mazda CX 3, Smaller than Nissan Qashqai, Mazda CX-30 and Toyota Corola Cross.

Honda Vezel Ground Clearance: The Honda Vezel has a ground clearance of 185mm(7.3Inches) this is above Nissan Qashqai 180mm and Mazda CX-30 175mm.

Honda Vezel Performance

The Vezel comes with three trims non hybrid and three Trims hybrid versions. For the non-Hybrid, The Honda gave us the Honda Vezel G, Honda Vezel S and Honda Vezel X.  Non-Hybrid Honda Vezel comes with a 1500cc engine that produces 129Hp, and 155nm of torque. This is enough Power to propel this machine without much pressure. This car can take 10.7 seconds to move from zero to 100Km/h. The Hybrid Version trims are Honda Vezel Hybrid, Hybrid X and Hybrid Z. These Hybrid cars have a 1500cc engine that can produce about 150Hp and a 190nm of torque. A practical test review that this Hybrid Honda Vezel can move from 0 to 100km/h at just 8.5 seconds. All this engine configurations are coupled with reliable Honda CVT transmission. Honda Vezel Top speed is 187KM/h.

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Honda Vezel Fuel Consumption 

The Honda Vezel has one of the best fuel economies among its peers. Even though the hybrid Honda Vezel has the known good fuel economy, the non-hybrid will not disappoint you either.

Honda Vezel Fuel Consumption

Honda Vezel will make about 13-15.6Km/l on the highway and about 9.4-11.4Km/l on a city traffic. This will lead to about 13KM/l combined from a practical test. The Honda Claims that The Honda Vezel can make about 19Km/l though not verified.

Honda Vezel Hybrid Fuel Consumption

Practically, Honda Vezel Hybrid will make about 20-25Km/l on a highway, 13-16.6Km/l in a city traffic and an average of 19.4Km/l combined.

Honda Vezel price in Kenya

The Honda Vezel Price in Kenya ranges from KSh. 2,300,000 to KSh. 2,800,000. Honda Vezel Price on JIJI can be checked and compared with autocheck and

Honda Vezel Price in Mombasa

The Honda Vezel Price in Mombasa is slightly better than price in Nairobi, Kisumu and Eldoret. In Mombasa, you can purchase Honda Vezel at Ksh. 2,300,000.



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