How to buy Airtel Airtime from Mpesa for free

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It with no doubt that Safaricom Mpesa is the de facto leader in Mobile money transfer in Kenya, and the first in the world. Despite most of phone users having more than one SIM cards, there is always that one Mpesa line reserved as SIM One. Airtel being second most popular line in Kenya, it’s good to know how to buy Airtel airtime from Mpesa for free.

Ways of Buying Airtel Airtime from Mpesa

We have three major methods that one can use to buy Airtel airtime from Mpesa.
  1. Buying Airtel credit from Mpesa using USSD
  2. Buying Airtel airtime from Mpesa using Pay bill
  3. Buying Airtel credit from Mpesa using mobile App.
How to Buy Airtel Airtime from Mpesa Using USSD
  • Dial *369# from your Safaricom line and call.
  • A message will be displayed thus; ‘welcome to Tingg’.
  • From the menu dial option 4 and click on send.
  • In the next window enter option 3 and press on Send.
  • Then, select option 2 for Airtel.
  • Enter your Airtel line phone number, enter amount.
  • A message ‘Pay KES.. to Airtel Airtime for account number…’ Select either option 1 to buy airtime from Mpesa or 2 to Edit your choices.
  • Next you will see a message; ‘Tingg Checkout: Your request to pay KES… Airtel Airtime has been received’.
How to Buy Airtel Airtime from Mpesa Using Pay bill
  1. Go to the M-pesa Menu
  2. Select Pay Bill
  3. Enter Business No. 220220
  4. Enter Account No. AIRTXXXXXX (Where XXXXXX is your Airtel Mobile number)
  5. Enter the Amount
  6. Enter your M-Pesa PIN then send
How to Buy Airtel Airtime from Mpesa using Openfloat App
How to buys airtime from Mpesa using openfloat

Developed and managed by Pesapal, Openfloat is a mobile app that lets you buy airtime, pay for electricity tokens, pay for Internet service and other services from a single float.

You can download Openfloat App from google playstore here.

How to buy Airtime from Openfloat step by step

  1. From Openfloat App,  click menu button
  2. Select top up float
  3. Select from Mpesa
  4. Type amount and then click Ok.
  5. You will be requested to enter Mpesa PIN

Once you have  loaded your float, you can now buy Airtime for Airtel, Safaricom and Telkom Kenya for free.



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