How to choose a career that suits you

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How to choose career in Africa step by step

Career choice is one of the greatest investments one can do as a young person. It is with no dispute that work rank among the most meaningful part of once life, besides family and health. However you can choose career at any point in life, it is always advised to make this choices early enough to avoid wastage of time and resources in the wrong career. Young people should know how to choose a career early enough. When we just needed any degree to land any career is is a matter of choosing the right career that suits you.

How to choose career in Africa

Undoubtedly everyone has some personality aspects that him/her maneuvers and prospers in some activities better than others. Not everyone can be a music artist but some do quite well at it.  Same case applies to medicine, education and any other profession in the world. You may perform very well in sciences and mathematics and still never make a better doctor. You may score very well in physics and mathematics and still don’t make any better engineer than your local car mechanic. But the moment you discover that aspect about yourself that you stand out from the crowed and the career prospect, you are good to go.

Things to do before decide which course to choose

How to choose career in Africa

To be able to crack this difficult riddle about your life, you need to carry out the following activities.

  1. Perform a self-assessment test
  2. Identify your desires and goals
  3. Research on job market
  4. Research on the courses available in the learning institutions
  5. Select one that you qualify in reputable institution
  6. Apply and join
  7. Keep leaning and exploring

Steps to choose the right career that suits you

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  1. Perform a self-assessment test before choosing a career

Before making any important decision, it’s a good idea to take time for self-reflection. Choosing a career is no different. In this step, you’ll reflect on what kind of work environment you want to be in, what type of work you enjoy, who you want to work with, and more.

Reflect at some of personality aspects that may suit some specific jobs as well as those aspects that can’t totally suit a certain career. Carry out an online self-assessment test to see what your scores are. At this stage of your career choice, you need to consider thing like:

  • Your key values: things like independence, helping others etc.
  • Your soft skills: such as problem solving confidence, communications etc.
  • Your personality: you recall the 16 personalities? If possible carryout the test
  • Your hobbies and interests: thing you enjoy dong
  • Your motivations

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  1. Identify your desires and goals before making career choice

Here you consider things you desire such as salary: of course some careers leads to more paying jobs.

You may consider things like travel

Work location as well as other benefits.

  1. Research on Job Market.

The world is changing and the jobs we valued in the year 2005 are not the only one today. It is important to note also that some of the jobs in the market today wouldn’t do well in seven years to come. New jobs have been created and more will be created by the time you graduating.

Consider a career with prospective growth. Visit job websites like brighter Monday and see job listing. Join LinkedIn and understand your career prospective.  

  1. Research on the courses available in the learning institutions

From the list of the jobs identified above, explore on the courses required by the employer. At this stage on how to choose career in Kenya or Africa, visit colleges and websites in Kenya or your country. Identify the programs and note the academic requirements.

5.Application for course at your university of choice

Once you have identified the institution and program, it’s your time to do an online application. In Kenya, university and college application can be done via KUCCPS (Kenya University and Colleges Central Placement Service) website. In many African Universities, you can apply via University or college website.

6. What after joining university

Once you apply and Join the University or college, it’s time to learn more and explore more. Understand much about your career and the environment. Join LinkedIn and other career related profiles. Join Clubs based on your career choice. Try new activities based on your career .

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