How to Know Genuine Laptop

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With the counterfeit laptops in the market, how to know genuine laptop is a key to prosperity of your business. In a market where there is a computer shop in every street, it is difficult to identify a genuine retailer from the rest.

How to tell a genuine Laptop

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New, Refurbished & Used laptops.

It is true to say that differentiating a New, factory refurbished and used laptop is not an easy task.

Brand New Laptops

This are laptops designed and packaged by a known manufacturer and channeled to the market through the right procedure. Brand new laptops normally comes with a one, two or three year manufacturer warranty.

HP is the defector leader in the sale of brand new laptops, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, and any other known manufacturer of computers in the world will provide at least a one year warranty on their products.

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Factory Refurbished Laptops

Factory refurbished laptops are new laptops that dint meet manufacture’s standards thus not legible to be distributed as new. Sometimes refurbished laptops are just used laptops that were returned to the manufacture to be reconditioned.

Used laptops

Used laptops are computers used by companies for some time then disposed for upgrade. This laptops are cleaned and shipped to be sold as used laptops.

Counterfeit laptop

This are computers manufactured by dubious dealers and of Corse sold at a cheaper price.

Just like any other product, counterfeit laptops face a serious challenges.

Warranty: – Counterfeit laptops have no warranty. Some dealers will claim to give a warranty that is covered by no one.

Use of cheap materials: – Counterfeit laptops are made of cheap plastics that may be made to look metallic.

Lack of spare parts: – counterfeit laptops sometimes lack spare parts.

Know genuine Laptop



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