How to Make Whatsapp Group Video Call

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Whatsapp Group video calls Digitrends

In the wake of corona virus, Whatsapp Group video calls has gained popularity due to lockdowns and the social distancing that comes with it.

Governments, media houses, private companies and other industries are using video conferencing as a safe way to hold meetings while keeping distance. Families and friends are also using various video conferencing apps and software to chat and socialize. The challenge is identifying the best video calling app that is free yet simple to use and friendly.


How to Make Group video call on Whatsapp

Admittedly, Whatsapp is by far the most widely accepted mobile messenger in the world. Whatsapp rolled a group video call app.

How to place a group video call in Kenya

To make a group video call from a group:

  1. Go to the group you want to video call.
  2. Tap Group call.
  3. Search for or select the contacts you want to add to the call.
  4. Tap Video Call .

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How to make a group video call from the CALLS tab:

  1. Go to the CALLS
  2. Tap New call > New group call .
  3. Search for or select the contacts you want to add to the call.
  4. Tap Video Call .


How to make a group video call from an individual chat:

  1. Open the chat with one of the contacts you want to video call.
  2. Tap Video call .
  3. Once the contact accepts the call, tap Add Participant .
  4. Search for or select another contact you want to add to the call. If prompted, tap ADD.


Whatsapp Group video call Limit

Whatsapp increased the number of participants in  video call and voice call from four to eight.


Kindly Note

  • Make sure you and your contacts have strong Internet connections when placing or receiving group video calls. The quality of the video call will depend on the contact with the weakest connection.
  • When you receive a group video call, the incoming WHATSAPP VIDEO CALL screen will show the participants currently on the call, and the first contact listed will be the participant that added you.
  • During a group video call, you have the option to turn your video off by tapping Video off .
  • You can’t remove a contact during a group video call. The contact would need to hang up their phone to disconnect from the call.
  • Group video call history will appear in the CALLS You can tap the call history to view the individual contacts from the call.
  • While it’s possible to be in a group video call with someone you’ve blocked, you can’t add a contact that you’ve blocked to the call or a contact that has blocked you.






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