How to Register Airtel SIM Card Online

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Admittedly the directive by the Communication Authority of Kenya that everyone should visit a Airtel customer care centre to register their SIM Card by 15th of April 2022 never go well with majority of Kenya. Therefore they came up with a portal to register Airtel SIM online hustle free.

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Reasons for SIM Card Registration in Kenya

According to the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), the registration is intended to decrease cases of digital fraud and cybercrime that have been commonplace in the local telecommunications sector.

“In line with the Communication Authority regulations, all telecommunication operators are required to have an image of the customer’s original identification document. This means that all our customers are required to visit any Airtel outlet countrywide with their ORIGINAL ID so that we can take a clear picture of the ID. For additional security, we will also take your picture for a holistic update” Airtel Stated.

How to Confirm lines registered under your ID

Should you also wish to confirm which lines are registered using your ID, Just like Safaricom, Airtel have an easy way for you to do so. Simply dial *106#, select your ID type, then enter the respective ID number. You should get an SMS notification in a short while with the number(s) registered under your ID

Requirements to register Airtel SIM Online

For majority Kenyan Citizens, you just need the following Items for verification:-

  • Original identity card
  • Original and valid passport
  • Original service card for a member of the Kenya Defense Forces
  • Original birth certificate

For Kenyans without any of the above documents, you need:-

  • Police abstract and a certified copy of an identification document

And for Foreigners you will need: –

  • Original and valid passport
  • Original alien card

For the Minors who wish to have their Airtel SIM card registered, the will need: –

  • To be accompanied by his or her guardian possessing relevant identification particulars as set out above

How to Register Airtel SIM step by Step

Visit the link Airtel SIM Card Registration Online and follow the Steps

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