Huawei Operating System HongMeng to be Launched

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Huawei Android alternative OS to be launched soon.

At times when US government bans Huawei from using the popular Google android, the Chinese tech giant is now launching their Own Mobile OS known as HongMeng.

According to sources, the Huawei Mobile Operating system will be launched in June, Just a month before US ban come to full force.

HongMeng Compatibility,

Huawei OS

Huawei claimed that this is a mobile operating system that is capable of running on Mobile phones, computers, TVs and even cars. To our surprise, the OS will support native android OS apps without the need of developer redoing his work.

Huawei HongMeng operating system may be referred to as ARK Operating system. Rumors have it that Samsung is also coming up with its own operating system.

HongMeng Registration

Recently, Huawei has registered trademarked for  Huawei HongMeng  from China’s Trademark Office of national intellectual property administration with an application submission date of Aug 24, 2018, which was publicly announced.

Huawei HongMeng OS to be call Ark Os





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