Jubilee Insurance Launches 3 Mobile Apps for Clients and Agents in Kenya

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Jubilee Insurance Launches 3 Mobile Apps for Clients and Agents in Kenya

Jubilee insurance has launched 3 mobile apps that will enable them to access self-service and e-commerce functionalities through mobile phones.

The three apps are JubiAgent Medical, JubiAgent Motor, and JubiCare Apps. They were unveiled at the company headquarters in Nairobi on February 20, 2018.


The JubiAgent Medical

This mobile app will enable the firm customers to access medical solutions at the touch of a button.

JubiAgent Motor Apps

JubiAgent Motor Apps will enable agents to sell and service Jubilee Insurance’s motor conveniently.

 The JubiCare App

This app will enable customers to access all their policy data whenever they require it.


Jubilee Insurance Regional CEO Dr. Julius Kipng’etich pointed out that the new apps will play a major role in integrating insurance as a necessary part of customers’ lives.

“Customers are now looking for services that can be initiated and completed on their mobile phones. They want services that take less time to process. Any insurance providers who tap into this efficiency and meet this expectation will attract and retain customers. Our apps have been designed to enhance our customer’s digital experience and provide solutions to their dynamic needs.”

Through the use of these apps, the customers will be able to complete their requests, renewals, and transactions through the app. This will save them from the burden of having to walk into the offices or make phone calls to access services.

The agent apps will promote effectiveness and efficiency when interacting with clients and potential clients. This will be easily achieved because the apps enable agents to access the premium calculator, agent account management, pre-insurance inspection, and renewal on the go.

From the Chairman

Jubilee Insurance chairman Nizar Juma acknowledged that these apps illustrated the company’s initiative in building the most advanced insurance customer experience for clients and agents.

“The mobile phone is a game changer in the insurance industry as it increases efficiency and helps reach a large number of people when integrated well into their daily lives. Tailor making mobile products that resonate with customer needs will definitely increase insurance uptake in Kenya” said Nizar Juma.

“Mobile phone users spend close to 40 hrs a month on mobile apps. Through our new apps, we want our new customers and existing policyholders to be able to report incidents of theft or accidents quickly, make claims and access any information they require on our wide range of insurance solutions at any time, from anywhere on their mobile phones” added Nizar.

From the CEO

Jubilee Insurance Kenya CEO Patrick Tumbo also had something to say regarding the benefits that are brought by these apps. “The apps are an excellent platform for our customers to have quick access to their policy information. They will also serve as solutions portfolio as well as reduce fraud. Looking ahead, the traditional model of selling insurance through brick and mortar structures will dwindle and this is why we want to reach our customers and potential customers at their point of convenience. Technology is now an integral part of the insurance value chain and will be used beyond enrolment.  Tech will be the way the premium collection is done, claims are processed and much more” said Patrick.

The apps are now available on Google Play Store for Android phones. Customers with feature phones will also be able to access these services through USSD by dialing *643#.





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