Kenya Ranks Second best innovator in Sub Sahara Africa

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Kenya Ranks Second best innovator in Sub Sahara Africa

Innovation Kenya

Kenya Ranked second in the Su-Sahara Africa innovation

According to the Global innovation index 2019, Kenya ranked second leading innovation hub after South Africa in the sub-Sahara Africa. Globally it was ranked 6th in access to credit and microfinance loans by the World Intellectual Property Organization.  Every year, the global innovation index ranks the innovation performance of nearly 130 economies in the world.

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Top 3 Innovation economies by region

Northern America, we have United States and Canada

  • In Europe: – Switzerland, Sweden and Netherlands
  • In Northern Africa and Western Asia:- Israel , Cyprus and United Arab Emirates
  • In south East Asia, and Oceania: – Singapore, Republic of Korea and Hong Kong China
  • In Sub Sahara Africa: – South Africa, Kenya and Mauritius
  • In Central and Southern Asia: – India, Iran and Kazakhstan
  • In The Latin America and the Caribbean: – Chile, Costa Rica and Mexico

Global Innovation Index Kenya

Innovation Performance at different income levels

Kenya was ranked the 3rd in the lower middle income economies.

This was after Georgia and India which were ranked first and second respectively.

This is a clear indicator that the investments Kenyans are making are bearing fruits.

It is clear that based on income per country, the Africans are proving to be more innovative in relation to their income.

“Kenya has a track record for recording high levels of innovation, outperforming on levels of innovation relative to GDP for the ninth consecutive year, an excellent record at per with other lower-middle-income countries like India, the Republic of Moldova, and Vietnam,” reads the report.

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