KOKO Cooker Price in Kenya, Fuel and Benefits

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The Koko Cooker is a two-burner cookstove fueled by liquid ethanol. The stove comes with a cooker regulator that allows flame adjustment, and the flame can be lit using a matchstick. The product is designed, manufactured, and distributed by Koko. The manufacturing facility is based in Kenya and the product is currently being distributed in Kenya and Nairobi. KOKO Fuel delivers a low-cost clean bioethanol cooking fuel via a Network of “KOKOpoint” clean fuel ATMs hosted inside local corner stores.

KOKO Networks

KOKO Networks is an emerging markets climate technology company that exists to imagine and deliver technology that transforms life in the world’s fastest growing cities. KOKO Fuel, the first consumer offering, serves over 1.5 million Kenyans with sustainable bioethanol cooking fuel every day

KOKOpoint in Kenya

A KOKOpoint is a shop where KOKO services are carried out in Kenya. At KOKOpoint, an ATM for dispensing fuel is installed where you refill the canister. A KOKO Canister is a specia container that is used to store and transport small scale amount of ethanol fuel used in a KOKO cooker.

KOKOpoint is Kenya are located in three major regions:-

  • KOKOpoints in Nairobi and its neighborhood.
  • KOKOPoints in Mombasa and its neighborhood.
  • KOKOpoints in Kisumu and its neighborhoods.

Koko Cooker Price in Kenya

Koko Cooker price in Kenya is about Ksh. 1715. This is quite affordable to most households in Kenya. KOKO fuel which is packed in Canisters of about 2 liters will cost about Ksh. 190.

How to Buy KOKO cooker Step by step

To buy a KOKO Smart 2 Burner Cooker please follow these instructions:
1. A registered Safaricom M-pesa line.
(The name and phone number registered under your M-pesa account is the one that will be used to create your KOKO account)

2. Any type of mobile phone
3. If using a Smart phone you can download myKOKO app on google playstore and complete your purchase through the app.

You can buy the KOKO Smart 2 Burner Cooker in 2 ways; One-time payment or Lipa Pole Pole.

Buy now – One-time Payment

1. Go to M-pesa menu, Lipa na M-pesa (Buy Goods)
2. Use the Till-Number: 556688
3. Enter the Cooker amount Ksh 1,715
4. Enter your Pin and complete the order

Buy Koko by Lipa Mdogo Mdogo

1. Go to M-pesa menu, Lipa na M-pesa (Buy Goods)

2. Use the Till-Number: 556688

3. Make daily/weekly deposits

4. Complete payment of Ksh 1,715

-You will receive a confirmation message from KOKO confirming your purchase

-Pick your brand new KOKO Smart 2 Burner Cooker from your nearest KOKO Point or Find a KOKO Point near you

-Enjoy Upishi Smart!

How to buy KOKO Fuel in Kenya

To purchase KOKO fuel, you need to have a canister that you buy together with your KOKO cooker. Generally, a KOKO canister can hold a maximum of 2 liters. You use your MPesa to pay for KOKO fuel.

KOKO Till Number

KOKO Fuel MPesa Till number is 556688. This is the number you use to pay for KOKO fuel.

KOKO Mobile App

You can download KOKO Mobile app from play store here. The app has over fifty thousand users.

KOKO Agents

A KOKO agent is a businessman who distributes KOKO cookers as well as hosting the KOKO ATM where consumers refuel.

Advantages of Using KOKO Cooker

In cities across Sub-Saharan Africa, charcoal, fuelwood, and kerosene dominate the market for cooking fuel, with a devastating impact on the environment and public health. Charcoal causes massive deforestation, food insecurity and indoor air pollution that kills millions annually. KOKO’s tech enables KOKO Fuel to provide significant cost savings vs dirty fuels, as well as other quality of life improvements.

Dirty fuels dominate the cooking market in Africa’s 40 largest cities, says Greg Murray, CEO of Koko Networks, which operates in Kenya. Only the affluent can afford to use gas for cooking, with kerosene and charcoal used by those at the bottom of the urban pyramid. Such fuels are major contributors to respiratory diseases, carbon emissions and deforestation.

KOKO Cooker Disadvantages

Koko is an amazing clean cooker that is not only affordable but also presentable to Kenya households. Besides all this benefits, there is a good number of users who have found it not quite economical compared to conventional Gas or Charcoal.

KOKO Cooker Disadvantages

The canister is too small that you have to be making daily trips to the KOKOpoint to refill.

The KOKOpoints are not yet well distributed in major places in Kenya. Having KOKO support in only three cities in Kenya, its quite expensive for consumers in the rest of the country to use KOKO cookers.

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