The thrill of Mazda Axela and good fuel consumption

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Mazda Axela is arguably one of the fastest growing car model on the Kenyan streets. Not only due to its stylish sporty design but also due to it performance and reliability. Produced by the Japanese manufacturer Mazda from the year 2003 to date, the Car has proven its capability among its peers. Known as Mazda 3 in the rest of the world, the car boast of nice curves and edges that justifies the designer’s knowledge of what to place where. The Mazda 3 (Axela) come in two forms, either a sedan(Saloon) or a hatchback.  With engines ranging from 1500cc to 2500cc, the buyer is left with a wide window of options to choose. In an African country like Kenya where we prefer importing a 7-8yrs used car, we not only get this machines at an affordable price but also we get a product that is tested and proven.

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Mazda Axela 3rd Gen 2013-2018

since its inception in 2003, Axela has been redesigned into four major generations, with a facelift in every generation. The first generation (2003-2009) the 2nd generation (2009-2014) the Mazda Axela 3rd Gen (2013- 2018) Mazda Axela 4th Gen (2018- date).

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The Mazda Axela 2nd Generation was received in Kenya with a lot of enthusiasm. Based on Mazda’s Zoom zoom design language, the car gained popularity though poor ground clearance of 133mm.

Mazda Axela 2011 Sedan

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Mazda Axela 2014 In Kenya (3rd Gen)

The Mazda Axela 2014 is based on the Mazda’s Kodo UI (soul of motion) design language that gives it that agile look. Not only for the looks but for performance as well. Based on Mazda’s skyactive technology, the car comes with three trims, C which is the base model, S and E.

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Mazda Axela 2014 in Kenya dimensions
Mazda Axela sedan
  • Length: 180.3 Inches
  • Width:  70.7 Inches
  • Height: 57.3 Inches
  • Fuel Tank capacity: 51 Liters
  • Ground Clearance: 155mm/ 6.1 Inches
  • Weight: 1270Kg (for 1500CC)

Mazda Axela 2014 1500cc Performance

The Mazda Axela 1500cc produces a 114HP or 109 Horsepower based on the trim. It as well produces a toque of 144 Nm.

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Mazda Axela Hybrid performance

In 2013, Mazda released their first Axela hybrid. Based on Toyota Prius Hybrid System (One of the most reliable) Axela holds a 2000cc engine under the hood. The car can produce up to 136 Horsepower which is quite good for a car that combines power and fuel economy.

Mazda Axela 2000cc Performance

Mazda Axela 2000cc petro produces 154 HP. This is much than a similar engine on Mitsubishi Outlander.

Mazda Axela fuel Consumption

Mazda Axela is a powerful yet fuel efficient non hybrid car on our road, thanks to Mazda’s Skyactive technology.

With the introduction of Mazda Skyactive technology in 2011, fuel economy of all Mazda cars improved.

Mazda Axela 1500cc Fuel Consumption

The Axela 1500cc is claimed to make 20KM/l on highway and 11KM/l in the City. Practical test proved that a 2014 1500cc can make 17KM/l on highway and 11Km/l on city traffic. Mazda Axela 2014 fuel economy is an average of 17Km/L

Mazda Axela 2000CC fuel Consumption

The 2014 2016 Mazda Axela 2000cc fuel consumption is an average of 14KM/l. That is an average of 17KM/l on highway and 10Km/l on the city traffic.

Mazda Axela Hybrid Fuel Consumption

The Mazda Axela hybrid fuel consumption is about 30KM/l. This is for the 2000CC hybrid that produces about 136HP.

Mazda Axela Diesel Fuel Consumption

Mazda Axela diesel is arguably the most fuel efficient. Despite being the most powerful in the line, a 2200cc Mazda Axela diesel can comfortably make a 18KM/L fuel consumption on highway, a 10.9Km/L in a city traffic and a 14Km/l on average. These figures are great for a car producing 173hp and 420nm of torque.

Mazda Axela Price in Kenya

Mazda Axela has always been a underrated car until recently. In 2015, the 2008 model costed Ksh.750, 000. In 2017, the 2010 Model costed Ksh. 1050,000. In 2021, the 2014 model costs between Ksh.130, 0000 and Ksh. 1600,000

2015 Mazda Axela Price in Kenya is between Ksh. 1.4M and Ksh. 1.7M.

The price hike is attributed to heavy taxation on the import duty for this car after its popularity. Also the Japanese hiked the price due to high demand of the car in recent years.

Mazda Axela Price in Nairobi

In Nairobi, the Mazda Axela costs about Ksh. 1.45M to Ksh. 1.7M today. This is so since Feb 2022 when taxation and shipping costs went up.

Mazda Axela price in Mombasa Kenya

A ex Japan Mazda Axela is relatively cheaper in Mombasa than in Nairobi. A 1500CC Axela will cost between 1.3M and 1.6M. A 2015 Mazda Axela price in Mombasa is about 1.4-1.5 M Kenya Shillings. This is bellow Mazda Axela Price in Nairobi, Kisumu and Nakuru.

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