Mobile App to Beat Breast Cancer developed in Kenya

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The Cleo Cancer mobile app

Cleo is a mobile app that promises to extend the life of a breast cancer patient by providing more accurate and timely information on breast cancer risks and control than any other medical information available. The idea came out of an experience. One of his friend’s aunt was suffering from the disease.  She had stage three breast cancer and was spreading fast. Mwenda decided to come up with a mobile app to predict where cancer would go, when and how it would get there.

“We were successful in predicting where cancer would move. We applied artificial intelligent technology to datasets on breasts cancer collected over a period of thirty years.  This helped us determine patterns and use the results to predict cancer spread based on person’s characteristics. Unfortunately, the time had run out for her. She passed on a few weeks after we came up with the solution”. Said, John.

How Cleo Works

The Cancer mobile app is divided into three parts; genetics, environmental and lifestyle. Only the first part requires user input. “For us to figure out your genetic composition, we ask you a couple of questions and use complex genetic and mathematical models to figure out your genetic predisposition to cancer. This process is 82 percent accurate.  Next, they analyze data from your mobile phone from GPS and accelerometer to figure out environments you are mostly exposed to and if those environments expose to breast cancer.

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They analyze your personality based on your mobile phone data to try and understand how your lifestyle influences your chance of getting breast cancer. This is akin to the way mobile money lending apps analyze your data to determine whether to lend you money. This process is 90 percent accurate.






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