Tips for online business in 2020

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Selling Items online in Kenya is one of the easiest ways to run a business. But Knowing how to start an online business in Kenya is equally important.

With Free platforms like myBei marketplace where you can sell virtually everything, running a business can be easier.

Benefits of Running online business

  1. Low capital

Running an online business can be one of the easiest business to start. Forget about six months rent, good will, Parking and service charges, just some little creativity and you are well to go. For some business you may need to create a compelling website or just use free marketplace like Mybei marketplace. You may also use your social media platforms.

2. Unlimited market Access

With unique products, it is easier to access National or even global market.

Either you into service industry, or just selling products, selling via online you got wider market.

3. Faster delivery of products

 With the current online platforms depending with the type of products, delivery can be done very quickly.

4. Improved customer service

It is easier to support customers online than to invite them to visit your office.

5. Less wastage of papers

This is achieved by use of e-Receipts and other business documents.

Challenges of Running online business.

If Running business on traditional market is tough, running online business is tougher. Besides all the benefits of online market, a number of challenges are faced by these entrepreneurs. We came up with just a few.  

  1. Competition

Competition online is tough; you are running on the same world wide web where global and national business are. The likes of ebay, Amazon, AliExpress, Alibaba, Jiji, Jumia and Many more.

So if initially you took advantage of ignorance of your local residence, here it does not apply.

2. Dealing with the curious customers.

The type of online customers is the curious type, this are Kenyans who will visit your site, alongside other six taps to check how Jumia, Mybei Marketplace and other players are selling.

Online customers are the category of people that knows what is the latest car model, the latest dress and even the latest Nike sneaker in the market.


Just like theft is there on physical market. Online theft is popular too.

Some “Customers” are just criminals in disguise. This are people whose plans is to still electronics, smartphones and motor vehicles from innocent sellers.

With these in mind, It is the right time to launch your online business.



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